Progress towards


General steps for checking your graduation status:

  1. Review AMES graduation requirements

  2. Evaluate your standing using ASPIRE

    • Log in to your ASPIRE account

    • Click the College and Career Plan button (Right hand side, middle of page ~or~ if you are using your phone, it will appear towards the bottom of the page)

    • Completed categories will appear green.  Clicking on the different categories will highlight the courses that cover those requirements.  If you ever have a questions about graduation status, credits, or how to evaluate your status, please contact your counselor.  Thank you!


Interested in retaking the ACT or trying your had at the SAT?  Link to register for both test are above.


If you are planning to take an AMES/U of U course we highly recommend that you get familiar with the website. Every question about the program, courses, prerequisites, qualifying test scores, etc. can be found here.  Take a look!