Shmoop- Directions: •    Go to •    Enter student Magic Word:  ZION •    You will be directed to Shmoop’s Utah page •    From there, select your school from the alphabetized list •    From there, you can either log in or create an account •    That’s it!  You will be led to Shmoop’s ACT Test Prep.  

ACT Academy:   

This website lists ALL of ACT’s Official Test Prep where you can access some FREE test Prep AND services that require a fee. FREE Test Prep:

Click on "Let's get started" to create an account. Additional Free Test Prep is listed at the bottom of the ACT Test Prep page and includes the free Study Guide.  -   Once you've ​registered for this free website, you are able to access a couple of online resources for free. 
      On the UtahFutures homepage, click on the Assessments link
      Then Click on Test Prep - Learning Express Library
      Create an Account to access the test prep available (if you don't already have a UtahFutures
     Click on the gray New Users - Enroll Now button
     Click on the ACT link
     Fill out the registration information
     Listed under Take a Free Practice Exam, click on the Educational Exams
     Click on ACT or SAT
     Check the sections you want to include in your exam
     Click on Begin Exam​